Support Requests

Our Support System can be accessed by you 24 hours per day 7 days per week. We aim to respond to your support requests within 3 business days, and to provide a time for resolution of your issue within 14 business days, depending on the nature of the issue. We offer built in support for each product according to the following:

For Laptops

We offer 12 months back to base service of any hardware problems, or software issues. Support is not offered for misuse of the product or using the product for reasons other than for what the product is intended. The business laptops are offered with pre-installed software, and we only offer support and repairs for the software and hardware originally supplied with your laptop. If you install additional software, and use your laptop for other than business purposes (such as viewing adult material on the Internet, downloading torrent files, downloading and installing cracked software or system resource heavy gaming software) we cannot provide a warranty as this use voids the terms of your warranty.

For Social Media Packages

Enquiries for social media packages can be logged on our support ticketing system, we will endeavour to rectify these as soon as possible.

For Websites

Your site will have been set up and configured for you as per the original design specifications. Should you wish to lodge a support request, we will respond to your ticket lodged within the prescribed timeframes.

All Other Products

We endeavour to provide support to you within the above timeframes, and our fair use policy applies.

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