Professional Marketing Materials Design and Campaigning

$5,000.00 $2,500.00

Do you want a professional sales campaign for your startup company or new product? Have you factored in a launch and marketing budget and don’t want costs to spiral out of control? Do you know anything about marketing, follow up and cold leads, and lead qualification?

Want to eliminate all your sales headaches? We can provide you with a professional solution.


We do graphic art, promotional materials and send out these professional produced marketing materials to up to a list of 500 customers for $2500. Do you want to send out mailouts? We can curate a list of 500 hand selected businesses and do follow up sales calls and ensure you get a reasonable return on your investment. On average, customer conversion is dependent on the type of product you are offering, and the price point. For value added products in high demand, customer conversion rates are around 80%. We cannot guarantee you absolute particulars of customers, but we can assure you that we do the following:

  • Print and design professional marketing brochures and postcards (up to 500)
  • Curate and create a marketing list of 500 businesses that are warm leads and suitable for purchasing your product
  • Mail merge and post your marketing materials to the list of 500 people
  • Add all contacts into a professional customer relationships management program (autoresponder emailer)
  • Do three follow up sales calls over a period of one month
  • Send four follow up emails over the period of two months

We give your business every single possible chance to succeed, and this is the perfect way of letting us handle all of your list building, sales follow up and converting your marketing materials into actual sales.

Hand your marketing over to a professional experienced team for the best possible results for your product.