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How does having an e-commerce website help grow your business?

An e-commerce website is really one of the first points of service to your customers. On your website, you are able to directly provide information about how to solve your customer’s pain points. Consider this:

A mother went to the local store to get some wiring for her telephone, and as she didn’t live on the mainland, but an island off the coast of Australia, she forgot to take the cable with her when she commuted back to the island. The mother had considered purchasing a cable off an e-store prior to that which would have been convenient and fast, delivered straight to her front door, and would have prevented a lot of stress.

An e-commerce store is an excellent adjunct to your already existing business, as it helps save people time, money and avoids stress for your customers. For example if you are an electrician, plumber, tiler or builder, and a customer wants to get an idea of how much a job would cost, you can give some estimates on your website, instead of customers having to phone around to get answers. For example, you can give simple examples such as:

“Installing three power points will costs you around $300.”

“Building a small garden shed from a kit you have already bought will cost you $500.”

“Erecting a house frame will cost you $10,000.”

“A concrete slab for your home (for example a typical 3 bedroom home) will average around 15,000 but calling and getting a free estimate is a far better idea. Ensure you have the dimensions of your plan available prior to you calling.”

Having a contact form and your business details on your website, as well as examples of jobs you have already done helps to establish brand trust. If a customer is ringing around for quotes, after seeing ads on various trades and services sites, he or she will generally go with the company who provides the most information, even if they are more expensive.

King Kong, a digital media company in Sydney has explained that it takes around 7 times of a potential customer being exposed to your brand before they make a final decision to purchase from you. There are also different phases in the buying cycle, where the same customer will visit your website. Keeping your website up to date, and ensuring that you provide value for money, and keep seeking ways to add value will build and establish brand trust.

Your blog is really important, as it assists in helping customers to really consider what it is they are buying and why they should invest money with you.

The typical phases of buying are:

Therefore, as customers keep coming back to your website, you are offering them more value, and things for them to consider. It is far more important to understand that consumers are educated and informed, and this helps to prevent issues down the track from arising. The more information you can provide about your product up front, the better the relationship will be between you and your customer.

Marketing experts and customer relationship managers now understand that complaints management processes are more about taking care of issues in the front end of the buying phase and assisting people to really understand the importance and use of a product.

So, with our websites, we have also now decided to introduce a more cash flow friendly product as an option for those who wish to consider it as an option. On our subscription package, your website is free for the first month, and then you can pay weekly $25 per week on your credit or debit card. That is incredibly cash flow friendly, and great for those who are just starting out in a business, and wanting to get more established. It is also really great for those who have already got an established business, and want to present a more professional, and credible brand. Customers are looking for websites now, and they are going to want to know why you don’t have a website, and why you’re not on social media.

More and more businesses just like yours are moving their business onto the web, in order to provide better customer service, prevent problems and build better customer relationships, and it is saving them both time, energy and expense in having to deal with problems that arise, had the customer already been aware of certain issues.

Would you like a fully featured e-commerce website?

This website will include the following:

  • 1 x website fully setup with products
  • Ebay link up with assistance in getting product to your customer easily
  • Fully set up Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords Accounts
  • 1 Month Free Social Media Marketing
  • 1 x 30 minute business training and growth session per week
  • Google Adwords set up and managed with $125 credit
  • Access to over 100 million products to sellA
  • Access to training video library
  • Store manager and business mentor
  • Unlimited help desk and technical support available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • 1 website domain
  • 1 business logo
  • Up to three design changes
  • Stock images
  • Merchant gateway configuration for direct deposit into your website
  • Social sharing discounts
  • Pop-up sale promotion widgets to encourage consumer demand
  • SEO (Five articles configured with relevant keywords, 1500 words each)
  • Up to 25 products added to your e-commerce site (additional for $30 each)
  • Domain registration
  • Privacy statement
  • Terms and conditions, including refund and other additional product safety information
  • Cart and contact page setup
  • Responsive website (mobile friendly)
  • Structured Data for Google SEO
  • Secure Socket Layer Configuration (secure website for credit card transactions)

This product is available for for our current special or available for first month free via subscription. Thereafter it is $25 per week, debited from your credit card (or debit card) via Stripe, an International Secure Credit Card Merchant Facility trusted by hundreds of thousands of merchants. We charge for the first month in order to establish your website and ensure that it is what you really want, thereafter we then rebate your $100, with no obligation to yourself, and you can cancel at anytime. You can either continue with your website, or have your $100 given back to you, either way you receive your first month free (paid back directly to you after your first month’s subscription).

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