How do I get my product?

So you want to know how you actually get your product?

Firstly, to keep prices this low, we do require payment up front in order to be able to pay our staff and maintain our business, and to ensure that you have really good value. It helps us, and it helps you to have really cheap websites. Most other businesses charge around $3,000 to $17,000 for an e-commerce website, or they try to do it themselves, get frustrated and give up.

Firstly, your details go into our ordering system.

We check our ordering system all day every day and receive alerts to our I.T. staff who are on call in order to organise a follow up meeting with you.

Second, our I.T. staff make contact with you via email, to organise a time for a face to face consultation via Skype, Messenger, Google Hangouts or Phone Conversation.

Third, we have our I.T. staff contact you at the scheduled time which is convenient for you (including international time zones) where we discuss what you require according to your package. You will be sent a summary of our package, and time frame for delivery (usually it takes around 2 weeks for your website to be completed) and everything will be underway.

We maintain a constant process of feedback with our clients, scheduling weekly feedback sessions in order to ensure you are happy with the product you are being offered.