Questions To Ask About Cheap Website Brisbane

When you are looking for a cheap website there are a number of features that are important. Most web developers offering extremely low priced websites are only working out what they will charge you in order to build the site. Most web companies are confusing and leave most people who are looking for a company or business website in Brisbane confused.

There are a number of questions you need to be asking your website company, such as the following:

Does the Cost Of a Cheap Website Include the Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of your actual website. A number of “free websites” don’t actually offer a premium domain, and these are sites such as Squarespace and Weebly. The free version of Wix also only offer subdomain sites. A subdomain site is one where it is in the following format: where your company or website name is then a subdomain of their hosting platform and their domain. For the best form of search engine optimisation, it is strongly recommended that you follow purchasing a domain name for your business. A domain name can be worth a lot of money, such as (example) or where the keywords are in high demand.

Does Your Cheap Website Brisbane Come With Hosting Fees?

Hosting fees are what an information technology server company charges to “sit” or host your website on their platform. They usually have large amounts of computer towers in racks in large refrigerated rooms, connected to the internet with fibre optic cables. We use a very high end technology server company based in Australia, that is extremely affordable, and has excellent uptimes. The speed that your websites are served to your target audience are incredibly fast, so along with having your year’s hosting included in the fee, we use extremely high quality servers, that have backup servers ready to go.

Does the Low Cost of the Website Include SEO?

Have you heard of search engine optimisation? This is a process whereby an SEO consultant will work with you to help you customise your website to have the right content marketing and information for your consumer purchasers, who want to know about your product and why they should purchase it. For example, if you run an organic store with a retail front, and have a home delivery option to customers in your area, a page on your website has to be included so that your customers are aware that you offer that extra service. Simply providing the right information will aid you in bringing your customers to your website, and get them purchasing from you. Search engine optimisation is not about being on the first page of Google, it is about developing a marketing plan with you, that includes information on your website, free information about how to reach out to your customers via social media, and also how to use print media to your advantage in order to reach out to the right target audience.

Does A Cheap Website Come With Free Technical Support?

A lot of people are ripped off by information technology service providers, paying hundreds of dollars (sometimes per hour) in order to get repairs, or have information uploaded to a website. I was working as an administration officer years ago, and was requested by the business manager to add some information to her website. Her Internet Service Provider charged her $600 to load a PDF onto her website. With our website, you can request changes via our support ticketing system, or product updates at very reasonable prices. An entire site update is also very cheap. Our websites are also scalable, and we can assist you to learn how to add updates yourself, depending on how you want to operate your business.

Does A Cheap Website Come With A Marketing Plan and Education?

Did you know our web developers, customer service officers, digital media experts and business managers all have worked as professionals in their industries, and know the best practices in customer service? We work with you to help you come up with a marketing plan, and we also offer membership to our business growth academy. Do you know any other cheap website companies that come with a business growth academy? We want to help you succeed, not just to build a website. With all of these incredible features in an extremely cheap website Brisbane you know you are in extremely capable hands.