Playing To Your Strengths

I am a huge believer in the Pareto principle, where focusing on getting into doing certain things really well is extremely powerful, and getting so good at it that you get insanely good results.

Effort is expended in everything as we learn to go through life, and as we make changes and adjustments to our routine, it becomes apparent that we are nearing to moving things into the automatic brain.

I’ve done the writing mastery (over 10,000 hours) and almost finished novel number five.

Writing is like coding, you just write in other languages more or less, and get things pushed further up the ladder in terms of mastery.

At Almond Digital Technologies, our entry level product is pretty much our K-mart style, grab it and go e-commerce website. We bash them out as a standard product, like Henry Ford did with the model T. Based on WordPress, our designers working on some pleasing aesthetics and making functionality of the actual product quite effective.

Reliability, speed and response it built into sites, and they have minimal issues. Due to our streamlined processes, we allow you to come to us with design approval, and basically, you get to have your product marketed as well. We make it so effortless for you that you can just get on with what you want.

What do I love about good customer service, you make a request and problems are detected within the system, and fixed without you ever having to do follow up. Problems are anticipated and then fucked off.

We are focusing on team development here at Almond Digital Technologies, and being people centred and client centred. We want to be that company where the +CEO is banned from dealing with clients, because she loves her team so much, and in taking care of the team, the clients get better service.

Our strengths are, that we know what has been fucked, and really doesn’t work. The +CEO is not afraid to cop a line, of well, that is fucked, it needs changing because at Almond we do lateral management to enable us to play to each other’s strengths, minimise anxiety and have a radically fucking good time.

I am obsessed with e-commerce and automation and finding solutions for corporations to help in the sales departments. When I sacked the former Chief Operations Manager, he was so focused on having his title and Lexus that he threatened to stab me over a laptop. That was a real what the fuck moment that ended up getting him sacked, sent a Gimp mask and an anal masturbation toy after I moved off the radar. Since then, we have a company PO Box, and my personal number is private.

So, we will continue to focus on streamlining the K-mart variety of digital marketing and website development, so that the everyday chuck can focus on the 20% of his business (making his stuff) that brings in 80% of the income.