Top Reasons To Get Social Media Followers

Have you considered that wherever you drive around the area you live, you see signs everywhere? That is marketing, and brand awareness.

According to King Kong’s report on building brand, and getting customers to make a purchase off you, did you know it takes around seven times for that person to be told about, or shown your products and services before they make a purchase?

So, say for example, your product or service is cheaper than someone else’s, but you have no social media presence. The difference in a sale can be through what other people are saying about you, or how many people are following you on social media.

One very subtle difference, can either make or break your sale. The most powerful form of advertising is still via word of mouth, and these days it is happening via social media. People are sharing your blog posts, videos, information off your website, and yes, while it takes time to get sales conversions, you are establishing your position as a trustworthy business.

Social media influencers are people who are able to sway the masses in their opinions. Think about when Kim Kardashian brings out a new form of makeup, everyone tends to follow trendsetters.

People are busy, they don’t want to have to make a whole lot of time to think and often are creatures of habit. If you want to build you as a habit into their lives, so that they remember you the next time that they want to purchase something, you’re going to have to push your brand.

Sales and marketing work hand in hand together. We have sales people who you can have doing follow up and calling for you, and we can market your brand. Early when I was starting out the company, I worked a second job in order to pay for advertising, because I realised the importance of it.

I know that advertising and marketing can be expensive, but we are here to help you succeed. For our bare bone social media package, at $75 per week, when other companies are charging $400 per week, or $3000 per month, why would you want to pay an excessive amount when we can do it far cheaper.

We charge up front, in order to keep our cash flows, and that is why we can offer our websites at a really cheap price. Our social media expert works really hard to keep on top of everything, and you get to have established brand awareness.

Think about this, is building trust in new customers worth your investment? They think so.