Your $500 Website Up in Two Weeks or It’s FREE

We are the leading experts in affordable e-commerce websites

Hi, I am Arwen Orford, one of the developers for Almond Digital Technologies. 

Have you considered that a WIX e-commerce site costs $204 per year? Yes, it’s cheap. But have you got four or more weeks of solid full time work to put into building your website when you have no experience? Do you know how to use SEO to bring traffic to your site?

We charge $500 for an e-commerce website, and it is up within around two weeks, with all your products, ready to go.

We aim to get you online, happening and getting paid within two weeks, or you can have your website for free. 


Almond Digital Technologies provides simple, affordable business to business solutions. We specialise in providing websites, e-commerce solutions, social media marketing packages, affordable business laptops and print media materials. We also provide:

  • SEO (Search engine optimisation) as standard as part of our website design
  • Set price websites with no hidden nasties
  • Social media packages that are affordable and reach the right audience
  • Our unique IT business support packages that offer set cost IT repairs and help-desk services for small business
  • Business coaching services

Relax, and enjoy your stay, please feel free to contact us via Facebook Messenger should you have enquiries.

We have a 24 hour, 7 days per week support access system, and we aim to get all enquiries and support requests attended to within reasonable time frames. Once you have purchased your product, you will be contacted via our sales team in order to get information from you about your business, and we will have your service or product up to you in the fastest possible time.